Bachi of the French Navy

Bachi of the French Navy

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The sailor's cap, incorrectly known as the "béret de marin" or bachi in French maritime slang, is the headgear worn by sailors and petty officers.

In the French Navy, the bâchi is topped with a red pompom, more commonly known as a pompon. It is crossed from right to left by a white cotton lace called a chinstrap.

The Navy's motto, which is inscribed on all its ships, is "Honneur, Patrie, Valeur, Discipline".

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Nom des porte-avions
Tour de tête

The bâchi of the French Navy

The bâchi, the famous headgear of the French Navy, is instantly recognisable thanks to its emblematic red pompom. Worn by sailors, it symbolises not only membership of this armed force, but also a long maritime tradition. The bâchi is a round headdress, generally decorated with a gold badge indicating the sailor's unit and the name of the ship or establishment to which he belongs.

The red pompom, although decorative, has a deep history and meaning. According to one legend, it was added to soften the blows that sailors gave each other on the heads of ships' low ceilings. Today, touching the pompom has become a gesture of good luck. The bâchi, beyond its functional aspect, embodies the spirit of camaraderie and pride of the French Navy, a symbol of honour and service to France.

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  • Reproduction
  • Available head sizes: 56 to 61 cm
  • Names available: Marine Nationale and Jean Bart

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