Kit polishing
Kit polishing
Kit polishing

Kit polishing


Kit polishing Cava Single selection. Service kit containing two brushes with soft bristles as well as a pot of shoe Polish 45 ml. Wax care Carnauba wax black, nourishes and protects the leather.


For your equipment leather still in perfect condition, it is necessary to perform a thorough cleaning regularly. Whether it is for your rangers, your shoes, your bags and your belts or leather jacket, a great care and attention are essential. The kit with a shoe that offers you Stock your American includes a large brush for the cleaning of the shoe, as well as a smaller one for applying the shoe Polish. It also includes a pot of Carnauba wax black color 45 ml. For a full maintenance and effective, it is important to respect the different steps.

First step : the cleaning of the shoe

Before anything else, it is imperative to prepare the surface for waxing. Start by removing the laces, and perform a good cleaning of the whole shoe, sole included. Remove any dust from the seams and folds. Using the large brush, do a thorough cleaning and in depth. Thanks to a good grip and its soft bristles, this toothbrush cleans thoroughly without damaging the leather. To clean the brush, you can pass it with warm, soapy water.

Second step : the application of the Polish

Once the shoe is properly cleaned, apply the Polish on all leather surfaces with the help of small brush. It is important to apply the product everywhere by insisting on the seams. The wax will nourish the leather and restore its shine and flexibility. The application of wax is paramount to keep the leather in good condition. You must then leave it to dry the Polish, of course, it is important not to force the drying of the leather should never be dried in the sun or using a dryer or near a radiator. The leather must dry at room temperature. Once the leather is completely dry, you can spend a little bit of cloth to buff the surface and restore it to its original shine.

Kit features polishing

  • Wax polishing 45 ml
  • Two brushes in wood
  • Brushes with soft bristles nylon
  • Leather care black

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