Paratrooper Polo Shirt United State...
Paratrooper Polo Shirt United State...

Paratrooper Polo Shirt United State Navy “Can Do” kaki green


US Navy Paratrooper polo shirt

Military polo shirt bearing the emblem of the USN, the US Army Navy


The USNavy

The United States Navy is the backbone of the United States armed forces, and over the centuries it has built up a reputation unrivalled in naval history. Its heritage dates back to the early years of the nation's independence, when the Continental Navy was created in 1775 to protect the colonies against the powerful British Royal Navy.

During the Revolutionary Wars and subsequent conflicts, the US Navy demonstrated its resilience and maritime expertise. It played a crucial role in the War of 1812, repelling British attacks and preserving American independence. The development of steamships in the 1800s marked a new era for the Navy, enabling it to explore distant waters and extend its influence over the world's oceans.

In the twentieth century, the Navy experienced decisive moments in both world wars. In the Second World War, it played a decisive role in the Allied victory, particularly during the Battle of Midway and the engagement in the Pacific. Aircraft carriers were at the heart of its strategy and revolutionised naval warfare.

Today, the US Navy remains a dominant naval force, with a diverse and technologically advanced fleet. It ensures the security of international sea lanes, protects national interests and intervenes in humanitarian crises. With its rich history and heroic exploits, the US Navy embodies the maritime power and greatness of the United States, standing ready to meet the challenges of the modern world.

Description : 

  • Short sleeves
  • Two-button collar
  • Comfort and anti-perspiration collar band
  • Embroidered American flag on sleeve
  • High quality embroidery of US Navy crest on chest
  • High-quality embroidery of Seabees crest on back, accompanied by the words "United States Navy" and the motto "Can Do!
  • Colour: khaki green
  • Embroidery lettering colour: White
  • Composition: 65% polyester 35% cotton
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