Polo T. A. P. (Airborne Troops)
Polo T. A. P. (Airborne Troops)
Polo T. A. P. (Airborne Troops)
Polo T. A. P. (Airborne Troops)
Polo T. A. P. (Airborne Troops)
Polo T. A. P. (Airborne Troops)

PARATROOPER T.A.P. Polo Shirt (Airborne Troops)


Polo shirt embroidered with the patent crest of the airborne troops. Black military polo shirt in cotton and polyester. Professional, comfortable and resistant paratrooper polo shirt with the badge of the airborne troops on the chest and back and the French flag crest on the sleeve.

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  • Bleu Marine

The paratrooper polo shirt: comfort and reliability in all circumstances

This black polo shirt is made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. Made with quality materials and equipped with an anti-perspiration comfort band at the neck, this military polo shirt combines comfort, performance and longevity. The Airborne Troop Patent patch features a star with two branches, one laurel and one oak, a pair of wings and a parachute. Historically, it is described as follows: "A golden parachute deployed retaining by eight lines a star brocaded on a background, supported by two branches of laurel to the sinister and oak of silver to the dexter". This crest, surmounted by the words "airborne troops" is embroidered on the back and chest of the polo shirt. A crest with the effigy of the French flag is also embroidered on the right sleeve.

Airborne troops: a bit of history

Airborne troops are part of the army troops. They are called airborne troops, because they are transported to places of conflict by air. Soldiers are dropped by parachute from military planes or dropped on the ground by helicopters. The great strength of parachute commandos is the speed of deployment of the teams on any type of terrain. These specialized units often make the difference in combat because they create an effect of surprise. They practice mass offensive and their mission is to hold the ground while waiting for the rest of the troops on the ground. It was in the Soviet Union, after the First World War, that the idea of parachuting soldiers beyond enemy lines was born. French generals were trained by the Russians, and in the 1935s, the French Minister of Air laid the foundations for the techniques of his airborne troops. It was only in 1946 that the "military parachutist patent" was created, as well as its insignia, each symbol of which has a meaning: "The parachute carries you, the wings of Saint-Michel (Patron Saint of parachutists) support you, the star guides you, the laurels for the glory of the Ancients, the oak branch for strength, but the black background reminds us that death awaits you".

Features of the paratrooper airborne troops polo shirt

  • les parachutistes de polo T.A.P
  • two-button collar
  • airborne troops patent patch
  • French flag crest
  • 70 % coton, 30 % polyester
  • anti-perspiration comfort band at neck level
  • Color : Black

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