"Parcours Commando" de Marius

"Parcours Commando" de Marius


Book "Parcours Commando" by Alain Alivon dit Marius

Preface by Admiral Christophe Prazuck and Tchéky Karyo

One of four children, young Alain is the only one to be entrusted to public assistance. Deprived of family love and guidance, Alain begins his adult life by enrolling in a law school, but he quickly abandons the university benches to spend more and more time with his gang of friends, boys who share with him the same fascination for Michael Corleone, the "hero" of the film "The Godfather. Together, they decide to make a place for themselves in the Marseilles underworld by committing one crime after another.

However, after a brutal and unexpected encounter, the young man realises that this existence is leading him to an uncertain future. He then breaks with his environment to join the school of marine fusiliers in Lorient, before volunteering for the commando course. There, the ordeals endured will be as many stages allowing him to expiate the errors of the past and to become another man: Marius, a legendary soldier of the French army.

With an operational career on which he lifts a discreet veil, whether in Lebanon, Djibouti, France or the Ivory Coast, Marius becomes a commando instructor. The documentary "A l'école des bérets verts" brings him from the shadows into the light. In 2011, he almost plays himself in the film "Forces Spéciales" by Stéphane Rybojad.

More than an autobiographical account, "Parcours Commando" is the extraordinary story of a man who knew how to fight his inner demons to "find faith" and live an extraordinary destiny.

Description :

  • Book "Parcours Commando" by Marius
  • Preface by Admiral Christophe Prazuck and Tchéky Karyo
  • Edition Nimrod
  • 381 pages
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