polo 29th division infantry
polo 29th division infantry
polo 29th division infantry
polo 29th division infantry
polo 29th division infantry
polo 29th division infantry
polo 29th division infantry
polo 29th division infantry

Polo PARATROOPER 29th division infantry


Black paratrooper polo shirt with exceptional finishes. Military polo shirt with short sleeves, made of cotton and polyester. Black polo shirt embroidered with 29th Infantry Division insignia. Practical, comfortable and resistant military professional clothing.



The paratrooper polo shirt: the military's favorite embroidered polo shirt

The paratrooper polo shirt is a great essential of the military locker room, it is resistant, comfortable and personalized. This short sleeve military polo shirt is made with 30% polyester and 70% cotton. This professional garment also has two buttons at the neckline and an anti-perspiration device in the form of a comfort band at the neck. This black polo shirt is embroidered with the insignia of the 29th U.S. Infantry Division. On the chest, in white capital letters, is embroidered "29th Division". On the back, one can read the name of the regiment: "29th Infantry Division", along with the crest of this division. The emblem of the 29th ID is a blue and gray Korean ying-yang. Its origin dates back to the Civil War, the blue for the troops of the North and the gray for the troops of the South. The members of these troops, who had previously fought each other, are united under the aegis of the 29th ID. Under the crest, one finds the motto "Let's Go", a formula invented by Major-General Charles H. Gerhardt, after the speech of General Dwight Eisenhower before the landing in Normandy.

The 29th Infantry Division: a bit of history

The 29th Infantry Division, also known as the Blue and Gray Division, is an infantry division of the U.S. Army. Formed in 1917, the division deployed to France during World War I. Called up to serve again during World War II, the 116th Regiment of the Division was part of the first wave of troops ashore during the Normandy landings. The remainder of the 29th ID landed later, then advanced until Saint-Lô, and finally through France and Germany. After the end of World War II, the division underwent frequent reorganizations and deactivations. Although the 29th ID did not see combat for most of the next 50 years, it took part in many training exercises all over the world. Eventually it deployed to Bosnia and Kosovo as a command element, and division units continue to deploy to places such as the Guantanamo Bay naval base and operations in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq.

Features of the 29th Infantry Division paratrooper polo shirt

  • polo paratroopers 29th Infantry Division
  • two-button collar
  • embroidery "29th division" on the chest
  • 29th Infantry Division" crest and "Let's Go!" on the back
  • U.S. flag crest on sleeve
  • 70% cotton, 30% polyester
  • comfort and anti-perspiration bandage at neck level
  • Color : Black
  • Weight : 350g

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