Polo Commandos Marine
Polo PARATROOPER Commandos Marine Polo
Polo Commandos Marine
Polo Commandos Marine
Polo Commandos Marine

Polo PARATROOPER Commandos Marine Polo


Polo shirt embroidered with the crest "Commandos Marine". Black military polo shirt with short sleeves. Cotton and polyester paratrooper polo with comfort band at the neckline. High quality military professional clothing.



The paratrooper polo shirt: a classic of the military outfit

The paratrooper polo shirt is a great classic of military equipment. With its short sleeves, two-button neckline and anti-perspiration neck band, this military dress top is comfortable, durable and personalized. It is made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. High quality embroideries are present on the chest, sleeve and back. On the sleeve, there is the crest of the French flag. On the back and on the chest is the crest of the naval commandos, historically it is described as follows: "On a bronze shield [...], the brig of adventure supported by waves, overloaded with a commando dagger [...] and decorated with a cross of Lorraine [...]. The shield rests on a ribbon bearing the inscription "Commandos Marine". Its two folded ends show two small anchors [...]".

The Marine Commandos: a bit of history

Marine commandos are an integral part of the French Navy, its soldiers are elite units. Together with the marine rifle units, they form "the maritime force of marine riflemen and commandos". These units form one of the four parts of the French Navy, which also includes the naval action force, the strategic oceanic force and the naval aeronautical force. The marine commandos units are the special forces of the National Navy, and comprise approximately 650 marine soldiers divided into seven units. Their missions are varied, and they operate in maritime counter-terrorism, counter-piracy, and the fight against illegal activities, as well as amphibious operations, special intelligence and reconnaissance operations, and special operations on land.

Specifications of the Paratrooper Commando Marine Polo Shirt

  • polo shirt paratroopers Commandos Marine
  • two-button collar
  • crest "Commandos Marine
  • French flag crest
  • 70% cotton, 30% polyester
  • Color : Black

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