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Rangers flight temperate climate

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French Army Flight Rangers. Black leather airplane boot for temperate climate. Breathable, practical and comfortable military rangers.


The true rangers of French aviation

The French Army Aviation has many requirements for the design of its flight equipment. This military expertise can be found in the manufacture of these leather rangers, which are comfortable and efficient. Made of full-grain leather, with a thermo-regulating goretex lining and an anti-scratch rubber sole, these military shoes combine ease and performance. GORE-TEX technology allows perspiration to wick away from the foot while keeping the foot warm. The upper is high and allows a good grip at the ankle. The sole, welded to the shoe, and the anti-gravel device provide efficiency and longevity. Finally, to correspond to the military standard, these army rangers are treated fireproof.

The Air Force Flying Shoe: A Flexible Ranger

The Aviation Ranger is very comfortable to wear, its lightness and ergonomics provide professional walking comfort. Its quick lacing is designed so that the personnel in intervention can put them on very quickly and be operational immediately. Career soldiers will therefore be able to turn to this practical and high-performance model. Likewise, private individuals will appreciate the comfort and ease of handling when going out in the woods or other outdoor activities. These flying shoes combine all the qualities necessary to be a good military ranger. They offer a comfortable and solid sole, good ankle support and good temperature regulation in the shoe.

Features of the Temperate Climate Flying Shoe

  • Flying ranger shoe
  • Smooth full grain leather
  • Anti-bacterial insole
  • Welded anti-gravel neoprene rubber outsole
  • Quick lacing 14 eyelets
  • Round lacings
  • Color: Black
  • Made in France: Argueyrolles
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