Coverage GB style military
Coverage GB style military
Coverage GB style military
Coverage GB style military

Coverage GB style military


Grey military style cover. Wool and chlorofibre blanket, with ideal dimensions for one person to sleep in. Comfortable and solid blanket, essential for camps and military reenactments.


The military style blanket: comfort and durability

Cover is a must in the military camp. Thanks to its careful manufacture and the quality of the materials used, the GB military style blanket will keep you warm in all circumstances. With comfortable dimensions of 151 x 201 cm, it allows one person to sleep comfortably while camping in the wilderness. This blanket is also very efficient and durable. With a composition of 55% wool and 45% chlorofiber (synthetic fiber) and a quality weave, this blanket offers good comfort and durability of the equipment over time.

The GB cover: military style

Military blankets are highly appreciated by military history enthusiasts, especially organizers of historical re-enactments. The GB blanket perfectly meets the historical and technical constraints of military reenactments. Some war film directors (1917, Dunkirk) can also obtain them from your American Stock. They are looking for authenticity at the right price, and find their happiness at your specialist of military surplus.

Features of the GB military-style cover

  • Composition: 55% wool, 45% chlorofibre
  • Colour: Grey
  • Dimensions: 151 x 201 cm
  • Condition : New

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