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Shoe battle Cat Hot Zone 1
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Shoe battle Cat Hot Zone 1
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Shoe battle Cat Hot Zone

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Genuine feline combat shoe of the French army. French-made hot zone rangers. Sand-coloured leather and nylon arid zone boots.


The hot zone embroidery: a professional equipment

Specially designed to meet the demands of combat in a desert environment, these intervention shoes are breathable, comfortable and very sturdy. Particularly used during interventions in Central Africa, these commando rangers are particularly appreciated by our soldiers facing the arid and rocky areas of the planet. These marching boots meet the requirements of professionalism of the French army. This equipment is therefore perfectly suited to the public wishing to survey uneven terrain in hot zones. Combining resistance, comfort and support, this commando shoe will be perfect for hiking, trekking or other outdoor activities in high temperatures. It has a comfortable insole with cushioning at the heel. The leather and nylon used are of excellent quality. Lacing is quick thanks to the metal hooks and eyelets, which are also treated to resist corrosion for added strength. The shape of the shoe provides solid support for the ankle and foot. And finally, the notched rubber sole provides stability and comfortable walking.

The feline hot zone rangers: comfort despite the heat

These combat rangers are a model of comfort in the hot zone. The materials are carefully selected to adapt the intervention ranger to arid zones. Here, the leather is openworked with Cordura Nylon, which allows excellent air circulation and good evacuation of perspiration. Although ultra breathable, these shoes remain waterproof and they also prove their good grip on slippery surfaces. These trekking type shoes are suitable for all terrains, even uneven terrain, thanks in particular to the shock absorber in the heel. With regular maintenance, the hot zone feline combat boots will prove their resistance and reliability even more.

Features of the Hot Zone Cat Fighting Shoe

  • Warm zone ranger shoe
  • Leather and Cordura Nylon
  • Cushioning insole
  • Vibram rubber sole
  • Quick lacing 16 eyelets and 2 hooks
  • Beige flat laces
  • Color: Brown Beige
  • Made in France: Argueyrolles

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