Stick of camouflage 2 colors

Stick of camouflage 2 colors


Coloured tubes for camouflage, simple and practical for quick use. This cream won't run with perspiration or rain!

Easy to remove with a damp cloth or warm water and soap.

Non-toxic and easy to use, it's the ideal product!

  • Noir/Vert
  • Vert/Marron

Two-tone sticks, the camouflage essential

Camouflage sticks are essential accessories for soldiers on field missions, designed to help conceal their face and any other exposed part of their skin. Generally two-tone, these sticks combine shades of green and black, or green and brown, to recreate the dominant colours of the natural environment.

Applying camouflage make-up breaks up facial contours and reduces skin reflections, making soldiers less detectable to the enemy. This method of camouflage is particularly effective in wooded areas, meadows and rural environments where natural colours dominate.

Camouflage sticks are compact, easy to carry and quick to apply, making them extremely practical for rapid deployment situations. By using these sticks, soldiers can improve their stealth and increase their chances of success in missions where stealth and camouflage are crucial.

Description : 

60g tube

Formulated to disrupt the infrared signature

Apply to face, hands, neck and behind the ears

Remove with warm soapy water

Sweat and rain resistant

Avoid contact with eyes


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