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US cover

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Woven blanket representing the American flag. Cotton and chlorofiber blanket, strong and comfortable. Woven decorative plaid of the U.S. flag. Available in several sizes : 130 x 180 cm, 180 x 240 cm, 230 x 250 cm

The USA blanket: quality, comfort and authenticity

Thanks to its high quality weaving and its original pattern, this USA blanket will be the perfect ally of your decoration. For all the fans of "American myth", the enthusiasts of the United States, or simply to put a little American touch to your decoration, this blanket will make the happiness of your interior. With the effigy of the flag of the United States of America, this pretty cotton and chlorofiber blanket will be perfect to bring a little color to your living room. With its "American myth" style, this plaid will perfectly dress up a sofa, and will keep you warm on long winter evenings. In a bedroom, this blanket will give pep to the decoration. It can be used as a bedspread or placed in a reading corner. In any situation, this plaid will bring comfort and authenticity to your interior.

The United States Flag: A Bit of History

Also known as "Stars and Stripes", the flag of the United States is composed of three colors, blue, white and red. It consists of thirteen red and white stripes, of equal width, placed horizontally. There are also fifty white stars on a blue background, placed in a rectangular canton in the upper left-hand corner of the flag. The thirteen stripes represent the thirteen British colonies that occupied North America. The fifty stars represent the member states of the union. The number of stars has therefore changed over time as new states were created, reaching fifty stars in 1960.

US Coverage features

  • Composition: 80 % cotton, 20 % chlorofibre
  • Motive: American flag
  • Available sizes: 130 x 180 cm, 180 x 240 cm, 230 x 250 cm
  • Condition : New

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