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Scarf Shemagh

Scarf Shemagh

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  • 100% cotton

The Shemagh is intended for a broad range of users : military, hikers, lovers of outdoor recreation, traveller, biker, etc., or more simply a public seduced by its look. Made from cotton, this traditional cap of the peasants, arabs and Bedouins is carried by the armed forces of the british Empire stationed in the middle East for almost a century, just like the scarf for the French troops. But it was during the Second world War and more particularly during the Campaign in North Africa, its use has spread to the troops deployed in high-temperature zones (including the SAS and Long Range Desert Group), where the shemagh keeps its primary function of protection against sun, wind and dust.

Currently, many NATO troops wear in Afghanistan or Iraq, even if it is not provided systematically as to some of the troops of the Commonwealth. It is particularly appreciated by the troops embarked in vehicles which are exposed to sand and dust. The colors used by the military vary from sand (for those that equip the british soldiers), olive green (for the irish troops), by way of brown as well as other fixtures of traditional colors.

Very convenient, it can also protect from the cold, filter water, use of splints, etc

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