Polo Royal Air Force
PARATROOPER Royal Air Force Polo Shirt
Polo Royal Air Force

PARATROOPER Royal Air Force Polo Shirt


Black short sleeve paratrooper polo shirt. High quality equipment 100% cotton. Embroidered military polo with Royal Air Force insignia. Uniform Pin Up print with the slogan "Come fly with me" on the back.


The paratrooper polo shirt: the timeless one

This paratrooper polo shirt is made with 100% high quality cotton. With its short sleeves and very resistant seams, this polo shirt is a must for military equipment. Professionals and private individuals will be able to proudly display the Royal Air Force insignia, thanks to this comfortable and authentic military garment. The embroidery of the crest on the chest is of high quality and represents the insignia of the Royal Air Force: the letters RAF, surmounted by the crown of the British Empire, are surrounded by a laurel wreath, all accompanied by a pair of wings. The print on the back of the polo shirt depicts a pretty young woman in British Air Force uniform walking next to a Royal Air Force aircraft. It also features the slogan "Come fly with me" above the aircraft.

The Royal Air Force a bit of history

The Royal Air Force (RAF) is the air warfare branch of the British armed forces. Formed at the end of World War I on 1 April 1918, it is the oldest independent air force in the world, the first air force to become independent of army or navy control. After its victory in 1918, the RAF became, for the time, the largest air force in the world. Since its formation, the RAF has played an important role in British military history, including a significant role in the Second World War where it fought its most famous campaign, the Battle of Britain. The Royal Air Force expanded rapidly before and during the Second World War and its high military expertise is well established.

Features of the Royal Air Force Paratrooper Polo Shirt

  • polo paratroopers royal air force
  • two-button collar
  • pin up print “come fly with me”
  • Royal Air Force crest
  • 100% cotton
  • Color : Black

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