Polo 1st infantry division
Polo 1st infantry division
Polo 1st infantry division
Polo 1st infantry division
Polo 1st infantry division
Polo 1st infantry division
Polo 1st infantry division
Polo 1st infantry division

Polo PARATROOPER 1st infantry division


Black military polo shirt with short sleeves. Cotton and polyester paratrooper polo shirt, comfortable and strong. Professional military top with the crest of the 1st US Infantry Division.


The paratrooper polo shirts : the polo militaire personnalisé

This paratrooper polo shirt is a model of reliability and longevity. Indispensable for military equipment, it allows professionals and individuals to proudly wear the colors of the "1st Infantry Division". This short-sleeved military garment is made of 30% polyester and 70% cotton, the seams are resistant, and it also has an anti-perspiration band at the neckline. On the chest is embroidered in red capital letters the name "1st Division". On the back is the crest of the 1st Division, which represents the number 1 in red on a gold background. Are also inscribed the words "1st Infantry Division" and "Big Red One".

The 1st Infantry Division: the first American victory in Europe in 1918

The 1st Infantry Division is an infantry division of the U.S. Army. It is nicknamed "Big Red One" because of its crest representing a large red "1" on a gold background. This division is the first to have been created specifically for the purpose of fighting Germany during the First World War. It is also the oldest division to have served continuously since its creation. The 1st American Infantry Division was first sent into combat in 1917, and later distinguished itself by winning the first American victory in Europe, in Picardy in 1918. During the Second World War, this company will enter the conflict by participating in the operation "Torch" in 1942, then in the invasion of Sicily in 1943. The 1st Infantry Division also landed heroically during Operation "Overlord" on Omaha Beach alongside the 29th Infantry Division. Since the end of the war, this division has served in the Vietnam War and the Gulf War, then also in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Specifications of the 1st Infantry Division Paratrooper Polo Shirt

  • polo paratroopers 1st Infantry Division
  • two-button collar
  • embroidery "1st infantry division" on the chest
  • mention “1st Infantry Division” and “Big Red One” on the back
  • U.S. flag crest on sleeve
  • 70% cotton, 30% polyester
  • anti-perspiration band at neck level
  • Color : Black

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